Research Methodology Techniques and Trends 1st Edition


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If you are looking for insightful guidance on research methodology, then the “Research Methodology: Techniques and Trends” 1st Edition is a must-read. This book caters to both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, offering a comprehensive understanding of fundamental concepts and their practical applications in real-world business, industry, and research organizations.

Key Features:

  • Each chapter includes research questions to test comprehension and application of key concepts.
  • Thorough coverage of concepts and methods.
  • Illustrative tables and figures to aid in understanding.
  • Guidance on how to conduct research tasks effectively.
  • Encompasses a variety of research methods, approaches, and data analysis techniques.

Whether you are a doctoral student, post-doctoral researcher, or pursuing programs like MSc, MBA, or MCA, this textbook provides valuable insights into research methodology. It is not only beneficial for students but also serves as a valuable resource for researchers and entrepreneurs alike.

About the Authors:

Authored by Umesh Kumar B Dubey and D P Kothari, this book brings together their expertise in the field of research methodology, making it a reliable source of information for academic and professional research endeavors.

ISBN Information:

  • ISBN-10: 1138053988
  • ISBN-13: 978-1138053984


1. Who can benefit from reading this book?

This book is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers, and entrepreneurs seeking a robust understanding of research methodology.

2. Does the book provide practical examples?

Yes, the book includes tables and figures that illustrate concepts and methods, making it easier for readers to comprehend the material.

3. Are there exercises for self-assessment?

Each chapter includes research questions to test conceptual understanding and practical application, aiding readers in reinforcing their knowledge.


“Research Methodology: Techniques and Trends” 1st Edition is a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of research methodology. With its practical approach, comprehensive coverage, and guidance on conducting research tasks, this book is a valuable companion for academic and professional research endeavors.

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