Statistics for Managers Using Microsoft Excel 9th Edition David M. Levine


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The 9th edition of “Statistics for Managers Using Microsoft Excel” by David M. Levine is a valuable resource for students taking one-semester courses in Introduction to Business Statistics. This textbook serves as the gold standard for learning Microsoft Excel for business statistics, providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills for their future careers. The authors have integrated statistics within the context of specific business fields, with a new chapter on business analytics included in this edition. Guided by ASA’s Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction (GAISE) reports and the authors’ extensive teaching experiences, the book continues to enhance and modernize the approach to teaching statistics to students. By incorporating current data and real-world examples, students gain practical experience analyzing data relevant to their professional endeavors. The friendly writing style of the authors, along with helpful tips and learning aids, makes the learning process engaging and accessible for students.

Please note that this ebook version of the textbook may not include additional media, website access codes, or print supplements that are typically packaged with the printed book.


What makes this textbook suitable for one-semester courses in Business Statistics?

The textbook focuses on using Microsoft Excel for statistical analysis, making it practical and relevant for students pursuing business-related disciplines. It also includes a full chapter on business analytics, aligning with current industry trends.

How does the book incorporate real-world data and examples?

The authors integrate current data throughout the textbook, providing students with hands-on experience in analyzing and interpreting the types of data they are likely to encounter in their professional careers.

What teaching principles guide the content of the book?

The authors follow the principles outlined in ASA’s Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction (GAISE) reports, ensuring that the content is pedagogically sound and effectively delivered to students with diverse learning styles.


“Statistics for Managers Using Microsoft Excel” offers a comprehensive and practical approach to learning business statistics using Excel. With a focus on real-world applications, current data, and innovative teaching methods, this textbook equips students with the essential skills needed for success in their future careers. Whether you are a student or an instructor, this book serves as a valuable resource for mastering statistical concepts in a business context.

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