Business Intelligence A Managerial Perspective On Analytics 3rd Ed By Dursun Delen -Test Bank


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**Artificial Intelligence Test Bank for Business Intelligence A Managerial Perspective On Analytics 3rd Ed By Dursun Delen: A Comprehensive Resource for Managers**

Business Intelligence and Analytics are essential tools for modern-day business management. The third edition of “Business Intelligence A Managerial Perspective On Analytics” by Dursun Delen offers a comprehensive overview of the latest management support system technologies and how they can be utilized to enhance decision-making processes.

**Key Details:**
– **ISBN-10:** 9789352866489
– **ISBN-13:** 978-9352866489
– **Edition:** 3rd Edition

The book delves into the world of Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics, focusing on their applications in enterprise decision support. It covers traditional decision support applications while also expanding on various types of analytics, discussing Internet-related issues, and providing examples, products, services, and exercises throughout the text.

**Features of the Book:**
– Introduction to management support systems (MSS) technologies
– Extensive coverage of supply chain and ERP
– Comprehensive information on data warehousing
– Discussion on organizational and societal impacts
– Detailed coverage of implementation and integration processes

**Table of Contents:**
**Part I** – Decision Making and Analytics: An Overview
– Chapter 1: An Overview of Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Decision Support
– Chapter 2: Foundations and Technologies for Decision Making

**Part II** – Descriptive Analytics
– Chapter 3: Data Warehousing
– Chapter 4: Business Reporting, Visual Analytics, and Business Performance Management

**Part III** – Predictive Analytics
– Chapter 5: Data Mining
– Chapter 6: Methods for Predictive Modeling
– Chapter 7: Text Analytics, Text Mining, and Sentiment Analysis
– Chapter 8: Web Analytics, Web Mining, and Social Analytics

**Part IV** – Prescriptive Analytics
– Chapter 9: Model-Based Decision Making: Optimization and Multi-Criteria Systems
– Chapter 10: Modeling and Analysis: Heuristic Search Methods and Simulation
– Chapter 11: Automated Decision Systems and Expert Systems
– Chapter 12: Knowledge Management and Collaborative Systems

**Part V** – Big Data and Future Directions for Business Analytics
– Chapter 13: Big Data and Analytics
– Chapter 14: Business Analytics: Emerging Trends and Future Impacts


1. **What is Business Intelligence?**
Business Intelligence involves the use of technologies, applications, and practices for the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of business information.

2. **How can Business Intelligence help in decision-making?**
Business Intelligence tools provide valuable insights by analyzing data and generating reports, which can aid in making informed decisions that drive business growth.

3. **Is knowledge of analytics essential for managers?**
Yes, in today’s data-driven world, understanding analytics is crucial for managers to interpret data, identify trends, and make strategic decisions based on insights derived from analytical tools.


“Business Intelligence A Managerial Perspective On Analytics” Test Bank by Dursun Delen is a valuable resource for managers seeking a comprehensive understanding of Business Intelligence and analytics. With its updated information and practical examples, the book equips individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to leverage data for efficient decision-making in modern businesses.

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