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If you are a student of chemistry, you might find the Test Bank for Chemistry 4th Edition By Burdge useful. Here’s a quick overview of this edition:

– **ISBN-10:** 0078021529
– **ISBN-13:** 978-0078021527

*Chemistry*, Fourth Edition, by Julia Burdge offers a clear writing style tailored with students in mind. Julia incorporates her experience of teaching numerous chemistry students each year to provide more detailed explanations in areas where students commonly face challenges. Staying true to the Burdge tradition, this edition maintains an excellent art program, a consistent problem-solving approach, engaging applications integrated throughout the chapters, and a variety of end-of-chapter problems.

### Regarding the Author
Dr. Julia Burdge completed most of her undergraduate studies at Iowa State University, obtaining her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in inorganic chemistry at the University of South Florida in Tampa. She earned her Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from the University of Idaho. With over 20 years of teaching experience, she has taught introductory and advanced courses across all departments of the undergraduate chemistry curriculum, including interdisciplinary courses. Dr. Burdge has also developed and taught a new introductory chemistry course for pre-service science teachers. Currently, she is affiliated with the University of Idaho.

### FAQ

**1. What is a Test Bank?**
A Test Bank is a collection of test questions tailored to the contents of a specific textbook. It can be a valuable resource for students preparing for exams.

**2. How can the Test Bank help students?**
The Test Bank provides additional practice questions, allowing students to test their understanding of the material and prepare effectively for exams.

**3. Is the Test Bank the same as the Solution Manual?**
No, the Test Bank and Solution Manual are different. The Test Bank contains questions for practice, while the Solution Manual provides answers to those questions.

### Conclusion

The Chemistry 4th Edition By Burdge Test Bank offers a comprehensive resource for students studying chemistry. With its clear writing style, insightful explanations, and engaging applications, this edition can be a valuable tool in mastering the concepts covered in the textbook. By utilizing resources like the Test Bank, students can enhance their learning and excel in their chemistry studies.

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