Teaching Children Science A Discovery Approach 9th Edition Donald A. DeRosa


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If you are looking for a comprehensive resource to equip elementary school educators with the necessary pedagogical and content knowledge to teach science effectively to young students, then Teaching Children Science: A Discovery Approach is the ideal textbook for you. Authored by Donald A. DeRosa, this book is designed to inspire future elementary teachers to instill a love for science and foster scientific inquiry and discovery in their students.

Key Features:
– Provides pedagogical strategies and content knowledge for teaching elementary school science.
– Covers earth/space, life, and physical sciences to build a strong foundation for aspiring science teachers.
– Integrates the Next Generation Science Standards to align with current educational practices.
– Includes teaching vignettes and engaging videos to enhance the learning experience.

ISBN-10: 0134742877
ISBN-13: 978-0134742878

Whether you are a pre-service elementary educator or a seasoned teacher looking to enhance your science teaching skills, this textbook offers valuable insights and resources to support your journey in teaching science effectively.


Q: Is this book suitable for new teachers?
A: Yes, Teaching Children Science: A Discovery Approach provides essential knowledge and practical guidance for beginning science teachers.

Q: Does the 9th Edition cover the latest educational standards?
A: Yes, the 9th Edition integrates the Next Generation Science Standards to reflect current teaching practices.

Q: Are there additional resources available with the textbook?
A: Yes, the Enhanced Pearson eText version includes engaging videos to support the content covered in the book.


In conclusion, Teaching Children Science: A Discovery Approach by Donald A. DeRosa is a valuable resource for educators looking to enhance their science teaching skills and inspire young learners to explore the wonders of science through inquiry and discovery. With its comprehensive coverage of essential content knowledge and pedagogical strategies, this textbook is a must-have for elementary school teachers committed to creating engaging and meaningful science learning experiences for their students.

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