Technical Communications Seventh Canadian Edition by John M. Lannon


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If you’re a student or professional looking to enhance your technical communication skills, the “Technical Communications Seventh Canadian Edition” by John M. Lannon is a valuable resource to consider. This textbook is designed to serve as a practical guide for individuals seeking to improve their writing, analysis, document structuring, and language skills in a professional setting.

Key Topics Covered:

The book covers a wide range of topics essential for effective technical communication, including:

  • Introduction to Technical Communications
  • Preparing to Write: Audience/Purpose Analysis
  • Writing Efficiently
  • Collaborating at Work
  • Writing Persuasively
  • Writing Ethically
  • Organizing for Readers
  • Designing Visuals and Pages
  • Proposals and Reports
  • Workplace Correspondence and Job-search Communications
  • Oral Presentations
  • Using Electronic Media

The book emphasizes practical applications and provides valuable advice on communication analysis, writing processes, and document structures, making it a useful tool that students can utilize throughout their careers.

ISBN Information:

  • ISBN-10: 0134310837
  • ISBN-13: 978-0134310831


The “Technical Communications Seventh Canadian Edition” is primarily designed for Technical Communication courses, focusing on reading, writing, and oral communication skills necessary for success in various professional environments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is this book suitable for beginners in technical communications?

Yes, this book is suitable for beginners as it covers fundamental concepts and provides practical guidance on technical communication skills.

2. Can working professionals benefit from this textbook?

Absolutely, working professionals looking to enhance their communication abilities in the workplace can benefit greatly from the insights and strategies shared in this book.

3. Are there practical exercises or examples included in the book?

Yes, the book includes practical exercises, real-world examples, and case studies to help readers apply the concepts learned in real scenarios.

4. Is the content of this edition relevant to the Canadian audience?

Yes, the Seventh Canadian Edition has been tailored to cater to the specific needs and preferences of the Canadian audience, making it relevant and applicable to readers in Canada.


The “Technical Communications Seventh Canadian Edition” by John M. Lannon is a comprehensive and practical guide for individuals looking to enhance their technical communication skills. With its focus on real-world applications and essential topics, this textbook is a valuable resource for students and professionals alike.

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