Calculation of Drug Dosages A Work Text 9th Edition by Sheila J. Ogden – Test Bank


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Calculation of Drug Dosages: A Work Text 9th Edition by Sheila J. Ogden – Test Bank

If you are a nursing student looking to develop vital skills in calculating drug dosages accurately, then “Calculation of Drug Dosages: A Work Text” by Sheila J. Ogden and Linda Fluharty is the perfect resource for you. This updated 9th Edition provides a comprehensive overview of essential math concepts before delving into the various methods of drug calculation, such as ratio and proportion, formula, and dimensional analysis. With over 1,800 practice problems, this book will help you build your confidence and competence in drug dosage calculations.

Key Features of the Book:
– Comprehensive math assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses
– Chapter worksheets for hands-on practice
– Post-tests at the end of each chapter to assess understanding
– Logical organization for easy retention of information
– Flashcards for self-paced learning
– Detailed answer key to check your work
– New chapter on obstetric dosages
– Alert boxes highlighting critical information for patient safety
– Updated content on Intake and Output (I & O)
– Guidelines from The Joint Commission and Institute for Safe Medication Practice to reduce errors and enhance patient safety
– Access to online resources on Evolve for additional practice problems and interactive tutorials

Table of Contents:
1. Review of Arithmetic
2. Units and Measurements
3. Preparation for Calculation of Drug Dosages
4. Calculation of Drug Dosages
5. Drug Administration Concerns

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced nurse looking to brush up on your drug calculation skills, this Test Bank will serve as a valuable tool in your learning journey. Stay updated with the latest medications and technologies used in the field and improve your patient care practices through the knowledge gained from this book.


Q: Is the Test Bank for “Calculation of Drug Dosages: A Work Text” suitable for all levels of nursing students?
A: Yes, the Test Bank is designed to cater to both beginner and advanced nursing students who want to enhance their drug dosage calculation skills.

Q: Are the practice problems in the book aligned with real-world scenarios?
A: Yes, the book provides realistic practice problems that simulate the types of drug dosage calculations you may encounter in a clinical setting.

Q: How can I access the online resources mentioned in the book?
A: You can access the online resources on Evolve by following the instructions provided in the book.


“Calculation of Drug Dosages: A Work Text 9th Edition” Test Bank is a valuable resource for nursing students seeking to master the art of drug dosage calculations. With a focus on practical application and comprehensive coverage of essential concepts, this book will help you build a strong foundation in medication administration and patient safety. Upgrade your skills and boost your confidence with this essential resource.

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