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The fifth edition of “Clinical Interviewing” by John Sommers offers proven and practical strategies for conducting effective interviews in a clinical setting. The book guides clinicians from fundamental listening skills to more advanced clinical assessment processes like intake interviewing, mental status examination, and suicide assessment.

The latest edition of “Clinical Interviewing” has been updated with content from the DSM–5, including defining mental and emotional disorders, diagnostic impressions, assessing for depression, history of the DSM, violence assessment, and more.

Key features of the new edition include:
– An accompanying DVD with real-life scenarios demonstrating effective clinical interview techniques.
– Emphasis on collaborative goal setting and treating the client as an expert.
– Discussions on multicultural orientation and competency.
– Non-face-to-face assessment and interviewing techniques.
– Increased focus on case formulation and treatment planning.

About the Author

John Sommers–Flanagan, PhD, is a Professor of Counselor Education at the University of Montana. His research interests include clinical interviewing, parent consultations, and adolescent psychotherapy.

Rita Sommers–Flanagan, PhD, is also a Professor of Counselor Education at the University of Montana, focusing on applied ethics for the past twenty years.

John and Rita Sommers–Flanagan have coauthored multiple books in the field of counseling and psychotherapy.


**1. Is the test bank for “Clinical Interviewing” available separately?**
Yes, the test bank for the 5th edition of “Clinical Interviewing” by John Sommers can be purchased separately from the textbook.

**2. Are there any practical examples included in the book?**
Yes, the accompanying DVD with real-life scenarios demonstrates effective clinical interviewing techniques with actual counselors and clients.

**3. Are there any new additions in the fifth edition compared to previous editions?**
The fifth edition includes updated content from the DSM–5, discussions on multicultural competency, and non-face-to-face assessment techniques.


“Clinical Interviewing” by John Sommers provides a comprehensive guide for clinicians to enhance their interviewing skills and conduct effective clinical assessments. With updated content from the DSM–5 and practical techniques demonstrated in real-life scenarios, this fifth edition is a valuable resource for mental health professionals and students in the field.

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