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Are you a student pursuing a program in algebra-based introductory physics? If yes, then College Physics 4th Edition by Knight can be a valuable resource for you. This Test Bank is designed to help you deepen your understanding of physics concepts and excel in your coursework. Let’s explore what this edition has to offer:

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  • ISBN-10: 0134609034
  • ISBN-13: 978-0134609034

College Physics: A Strategic Approach, 4th Edition focuses on making physics relevant for today’s blended-majors college students. The authors not only explain how students learn physics but also delve into why they should study physics. By incorporating insights from educational research and leveraging Mastering Physics metadata, this edition presents fundamental physics concepts through real-world examples, fostering connections with other disciplines like biological sciences, architecture, and natural resources.

This edition features extensive new media and an interactive Pearson eText that captivate student interest, challenge misconceptions, and promote critical thinking. Real data from research is used in examples, explanations, and problems to demonstrate the practical applications of physics in relatable scenarios. The aim is to help students grasp the underlying principles of physics in everyday phenomena and comprehend the broader implications of their learning.

College Physics: A Strategic Approach, 4th Edition encourages students to approach physics holistically, develop essential problem-solving skills, and attend classes with confidence and preparedness.


  • Interactive Pearson eText
  • Real-world examples and problems
  • Mastering Physics platform for personalized learning
  • Learning CatalyticsTM for student engagement
  • Physics Primer for math skill remediation


What is a Test Bank?

A Test Bank contains practice exam questions and answers designed to help students prepare for assessments and enhance their understanding of course material.

How can I purchase this Test Bank with Mastering Physics?

If you wish to buy the Test Bank with Mastering Physics, please consult your instructor for the correct bundle ISBN and Course ID. Instructors can reach out to Pearson representatives for assistance.


College Physics 4th Edition by Knight is a valuable resource for students seeking to strengthen their grasp of physics concepts and excel in their coursework. With its emphasis on real-world applications, interactive learning tools, and personalized learning platform, this edition is tailored to meet the needs of today’s college students. Invest in your academic success with this comprehensive Test Bank.

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