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Communication is a vital aspect of human interaction, and the ability to communicate effectively across different cultures is essential in today’s interconnected world. The 9th edition of “Communication Between Cultures” by Larry A. Samovar offers valuable insights and practical skills for improving intercultural communication.

Book Details:

  • ISBN-10: 1285444620
  • ISBN-13: 978-1285444628

About the Book:

“Communication Between Cultures” emphasizes the significance of family, faith, and history in intercultural communication. The book helps readers enhance their understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures while equipping them with practical skills to communicate effectively with individuals from different cultural backgrounds. With the latest research and compelling examples, readers can challenge their assumptions, perceptions, and cultural biases to grasp how culture profoundly influences communication. This edition includes discussions on the impact of globalization, a new chapter on intercultural communication competence, and extensive coverage of modern technology.

Table of Contents:

  1. Intercultural Communication: A Necessity for the Interdependent World Society
  2. Communication and Culture: The Voice and the Echo
  3. The Deep Structure of Culture: Insights from the Family
  4. Worldview: Cultural Perspectives on Life and Death
  5. Cultural Heritage: Shaping the Past and Future
  6. Cultural Values: Guides for Behavior
  7. Culture and Identity: Positioning the Individual
  8. Verbal Messages: Exchanging Ideas Through Language
  9. Nonverbal Communication: Signals of Action, Space, Time, and Silence
  10. Intercultural Communication in Contexts: Applications in Business, Education, and Healthcare
  11. The Challenges of Intercultural Communication: Navigating Differences


1. How can “Communication Between Cultures” benefit readers?

“Communication Between Cultures” helps readers gain a deeper understanding of various cultures and provides practical communication skills for interacting effectively with individuals from different cultural backgrounds.

2. What topics are covered in the book?

The book covers a wide range of topics, including intercultural communication, cultural values, verbal and nonverbal communication, cultural heritage, and the challenges of navigating differences in intercultural communication.

3. Is the book suitable for students and professionals alike?

Yes, “Communication Between Cultures” is beneficial for students, professionals, and anyone interested in improving their intercultural communication skills in today’s diverse society.


“Communication Between Cultures” is a valuable resource for individuals seeking to enhance their intercultural communication skills. With its insightful content, practical guidance, and real-world examples, this book offers a comprehensive exploration of the impact of culture on communication. By understanding and appreciating cultural differences, readers can effectively navigate intercultural interactions and foster meaningful connections in a globalized world.

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