Criminology A Sociological Understanding 6th Edition Barkan – Test Bank


If you are interested in delving into the complexities of criminology from a sociological standpoint, the Test Bank for the 6th edition of “Criminology: A Sociological Understanding” by Barkan is a valuable resource. This textbook offers a comprehensive examination of criminology through the lens of social structures, inequalities, and key sociological concepts such as poverty, gender, race, and ethnicity.

ISBN-10: 0133458997

ISBN-13: 978-0133458992

The book emphasizes the importance of understanding the social causes of criminal behavior to effectively reduce crime rates. It goes beyond conventional approaches by addressing issues of public opinion, media influence, violence against women, political crime, and strategies for crime reduction.

With a focus on teaching and learning experiences, the textbook provides unique insights into the field of criminology:

  • A distinctive sociological perspective: Emphasizes the social factors contributing to criminal behavior for crime prevention.
  • Award-winning coverage: Explores topics often overlooked in introductory criminology texts.
  • Robust pedagogical features: Equips students with tools to grasp key concepts efficiently, aiding instructors in lesson preparation.

Whether you are a student aiming to expand your understanding of criminology or an instructor seeking a comprehensive teaching tool, “Criminology: A Sociological Understanding” offers a rich learning experience in the realm of crime and justice.


1. What is the unique perspective offered by this textbook?

Ans: The textbook provides a sociological lens to understand the social underpinnings of criminal behavior, emphasizing the need to address root causes for effective crime reduction.

2. How does this book differ from other criminology texts?

Ans: It covers topics such as public opinion, media influence, violence against women, and political crime, which are not commonly found in introductory criminology textbooks.

3. What teaching and learning features are highlighted in the book?

Ans: The book includes robust pedagogical tools that aid students in comprehending key concepts efficiently and assist instructors in lesson planning.


“Criminology: A Sociological Understanding” by Barkan offers a fresh perspective on the study of crime and criminal justice. By integrating sociological principles and emphasizing social inequalities, this textbook provides a holistic approach to understanding and combating criminal behavior. Whether you are a student or an educator, this book serves as a valuable guide in navigating the intricate world of criminology.

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