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If you are a student delving into the realm of deviant behavior, “Deviant Behavior 10th Edition” by Erich Goode Emeritus is a valuable resource to aid your understanding. Here’s a detailed overview of this insightful book:

  • ISBN-10: 0205899668
  • ISBN-13: 978-0205899661

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The complete picture of Deviant Behavior:

In “Deviant Behavior, 10/e” by Erich Goode, students are presented with an in-depth analysis of deviant behavior from sociological viewpoints of positivism and constructionism. Understand the rationale behind deviant acts through the positivist perspective and why certain actions, beliefs, and traits are stigmatized from the constructionist viewpoint.

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About the Author

Erich Goode is a distinguished Sociology Professor Emeritus at Stony Brook University and a Visiting Scholar at New York University. With extensive teaching experience across various institutions, he has authored numerous books on sociology and deviant behavior. His accolades include prestigious fellowships and awards for excellence in teaching. Professor Goode’s work has been published in academic journals, newspapers, and magazines, showcasing his expertise and commitment to sociological research.

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With “Deviant Behavior 10th Edition,” students can deepen their understanding of deviant behavior from diverse sociological perspectives. Erich Goode’s expertise in the field enriches the content, making this book a valuable asset for those studying deviance and societal norms.

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