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If you are looking for a comprehensive test bank for the “Discovering the Life Span 3rd Edition” by Robert S. Feldman, Ph.D, you have come to the right place. This test bank provides a concise yet detailed overview of life span development with a topical approach. Here are some key details about this edition:

  • ISBN-10: 0134225902
  • ISBN-13: 978-0134225906

In this edition, the author, Robert Feldman, employs a modular framework that gives instructors the flexibility to teach the course as they see fit. The topical approach makes it easier for students to grasp the different aspects of development, such as social or personality development, across the entire life span. The book is updated with the latest research and examples to help students understand the relevance of developmental science.

This edition is also available with My Psych Lab, an online homework and assessment program designed to enhance student learning and engagement. Through My Psych Lab, students can practice what they learn, test their understanding, and create a personalized study plan.

Whether you are a student interested in purchasing this title with My Psych Lab or an instructor looking for more information, reach out to your Pearson representative for assistance.

About the Author

Robert S. Feldman is a renowned Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences and Deputy Chancellor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. With over three decades of experience as a college instructor, he has taught a wide range of psychology courses and received numerous teaching awards. He is a Fellow of several prestigious psychological associations and has published extensively in the field.

Professor Feldman’s research interests include honesty and deception in everyday life, as well as nonverbal behavior in children. He has authored multiple books on psychology, child development, and success strategies. His work has been recognized internationally and translated into several languages.

Aside from his academic pursuits, Professor Feldman enjoys music, playing the piano, cooking, and traveling. He and his wife, who is also a psychologist, reside in western Massachusetts.


1. Can I purchase the test bank separately from the book?

At this time, the test bank is typically sold separately from the textbook. You may need to check with the publisher or a third-party resource to obtain the test bank.

2. Is the test bank compatible with online learning platforms?

Many test banks are designed to work with online learning platforms for easy integration into course modules. Be sure to check the compatibility of the test bank with your specific platform.

3. How can instructors access additional resources for teaching with this test bank?

Instructors can contact their Pearson representative for more information on supplementary resources, teaching materials, and support for using the test bank effectively in their courses.


The “Discovering the Life Span 3rd Edition” Test Bank by Robert S. Feldman, Ph.D, offers a valuable resource for students and instructors seeking a comprehensive understanding of life span development. With its topical approach and updated content, this test bank is a valuable tool for enhancing learning outcomes in developmental psychology courses.

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