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If you are a student or an instructor looking for additional resources to enhance your understanding or teaching of lifespan development, the Test Bank for Discovering the Lifespan 2nd Canadian Edition by Feldman can be a valuable tool. This test bank provides a comprehensive collection of exam questions and answers that cover the key concepts and topics discussed in the textbook. Here are some benefits of using the test bank:

Key Information:

  • ISBN-10: 0205951031
  • ISBN-13: 978-0205951031

Highlighted Features:

The second Canadian edition of the textbook, Life Span Development: A Topical Approach, maintains its student-friendly approach and is rich in examples derived from developmental research and theory. The modular format of the text offers flexibility to both readers and instructors. Additionally, the inclusion of My Psych Lab provides various learning resources such as video series, digital life simulations, and virtual child experiences.

Teaching & Learning Experience

  • Personalize Learning: My Psych Lab offers online homework, tutorial, and assessment tools to help students prepare for classes and allow instructors to track individual and class performance.
  • Enhance Critical Thinking: “Review and Apply” sections in the test bank provide chapter summaries followed by thought-provoking questions to stimulate critical thinking.
  • Engage Students: Chapter Opening Prologues at the beginning of each chapter present relevant vignettes to connect with the main developmental issues discussed in the chapter.
  • Explore Research: “From Research to Practice” boxes highlight current developmental research applied to real-world problems.
  • Support Instructors: Supplements align with the textbook’s learning objectives to assist instructors in teaching the material effectively.

By incorporating the Test Bank for Discovering the Lifespan 2nd Canadian Edition by Feldman into your study or teaching resources, you can deepen your understanding of lifespan development concepts and enhance the learning experience for yourself or your students.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a test bank?

A test bank is a collection of exam questions and answers designed to test students’ knowledge and understanding of a particular subject. In the case of educational textbooks, test banks provide additional practice questions for students to assess their comprehension of the material.

How can instructors use the test bank?

Instructors can utilize the test bank to create quizzes, tests, and assignments for their students. The questions in the test bank can be used to assess students’ knowledge, facilitate class discussions, and reinforce key concepts covered in the textbook.

Can students benefit from using the test bank?

Absolutely! Students can use the test bank as a study tool to practice answering exam-style questions, test their understanding of the material, and prepare for assessments. By working through the questions in the test bank, students can enhance their learning and improve their test-taking skills.


The Test Bank for Discovering the Lifespan 2nd Canadian Edition by Feldman is a valuable resource for both students and instructors in the field of lifespan development. By offering a wide range of exam questions and answers that cover key concepts and topics, the test bank enhances the learning experience and provides a platform for assessment and reinforcement of knowledge. Incorporating the test bank into your study or teaching materials can lead to a deeper understanding of lifespan development principles and improve academic performance.

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