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Economics, 10th Edition by William Boyes is a comprehensive resource designed to help students succeed in their economics course and apply economic concepts in their daily lives. The book focuses on modern economics, institutions, history, and modeling, and is organized around learning objectives to facilitate student understanding and instructor assignments. Through Connect and Smartbook, students can access engaging activities, instructional videos, and learning resources tailored to their needs.

  • ISBN-10: 1259193152
  • ISBN-13: 978-1259193156

About the Author:

David Colander, Distinguished Faculty Professor at Middlebury College, has a wealth of experience in the field of economics. With over 40 books and 150 articles to his name, Colander’s expertise spans a diverse range of economic subjects. He holds degrees from Columbia University and has taught at several prestigious institutions, including Columbia University, Vassar College, the University of Miami, and Princeton University.

Colander’s contributions to economic education and research have been significant, with leadership roles in various economic associations and editorial boards of esteemed journals. In his personal life, Colander and his wife have a passion for architecture, having designed and built their own home overlooking the picturesque Green Mountains. They split their time between Florida and Vermont, enjoying the fruits of their labor in both states.


1. What is the purpose of a test bank in economics education?

A test bank is a valuable resource for instructors to create exams and assignments that assess students’ understanding of economic concepts covered in the course material. It provides a range of questions and problems that can be used to test students’ knowledge and application of economic principles.

2. How can students benefit from using the Connect learning system?

Connect is an integrated learning system that offers personalized learning experiences for students. By adapting to students’ needs and providing interactive activities and resources, Connect helps students engage with the material and enhance their understanding of economics concepts.

3. What sets Economics, 10th Edition by William Boyes apart from other economics textbooks?

Economics, 10th Edition stands out for its focus on modern economics, institutions, and practical applications of economic theories in daily life. The book’s organization around learning objectives and the use of Connect and Smartbook further enhance the learning experience for students.


In conclusion, Economics, 10th Edition by William Boyes offers a comprehensive and engaging resource for students studying economics. With a focus on practical applications and modern economic principles, coupled with the innovative learning tools provided by Connect, this textbook aims to help students succeed in their economics course and beyond. David Colander’s expertise and experience further contribute to the credibility and value of this educational resource.

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