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If you are looking for the test bank for the “Electricity for The Trades 3rd Edition” textbook, you’re in the right place. Here are some key details about the textbook and its author:

Author: Frank D. Petruzella
ISBN-10: 1260547841
ISBN-13: 978-1260547849

The ISBN 9781260547849 corresponds to the Worldwide Scholar Edition of Electricity For The Trades 3rd Edition by Frank D. Petruzella. Please note that this edition is a textbook only and does not include online access code. If your instructor requires an online access code, it can be purchased separately at ISBN 9781260437416. The content of this title in all formats remains the same.

Frank Petruzella, with over 30 years of experience as a tradesman, has set the standard for textbooks on electrical training. His well-illustrated text provides a strong foundation in electrical and electronic principles, preparing students for specialization in the electrical trades or related fields that require a solid understanding of electrical fundamentals.

New to the third edition is Connect with SmartBook 2.0, enhancing the learning experience for students through interactive features and adaptive technology.

For those studying or teaching in the electrical trades, “Electricity for The Trades 3rd Edition” offers comprehensive coverage and a valuable resource for learning and reference.


1. Can I access the online materials with the textbook?

The textbook for Electricity for The Trades 3rd Edition does not include online access. If your instructor requires online materials, you can purchase the access code separately.

2. Is this textbook suitable for beginners in electrical trades?

Yes, Frank Petruzella’s textbook is designed to provide a solid foundation in electrical principles, making it suitable for beginners in the electrical trades or related fields.

3. What is SmartBook 2.0?

SmartBook 2.0 is an interactive learning tool that adapts to the individual needs of students, providing personalized study resources and feedback to enhance learning outcomes.


“Electricity for The Trades 3rd Edition” by Frank D. Petruzella is a comprehensive textbook that covers essential electrical and electronic principles for students in the electrical trades and related fields. With clear illustrations and practical examples, this textbook serves as an excellent resource for both beginners and experienced individuals in the field. Whether you are studying electrical trades or teaching the subject, this textbook provides valuable insights and knowledge to support your learning objectives.

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