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  • ISBN-10: 0321901118
  • ISBN-13: 978-0321901118

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Statistics serves as a gateway to the modern world, and Larson and Farber’s Elementary Statistics: Picturing the World, Sixth Edition, simplifies this complex subject. The text features detailed instructions, real-life examples and exercises, and the integration of technology to offer the most accessible approach. Through strong pedagogy and practical examples, the authors demonstrate how statistics can be utilized to visualize and interpret the world. With over 210 examples and more than 2300 exercises, students can actively engage with statistical concepts and understand their application in daily life.

About the Authors

Ron Larson obtained his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Colorado in 1970 and currently serves as a mathematics professor at Penn State University. With over two dozen mathematics textbooks to his name, Larson is renowned for his contributions ranging from sixth-grade to calculus levels. He is a trailblazer in utilizing multimedia and the Internet to enhance mathematics education, creating interactive programs from elementary to calculus levels. Larson is actively involved in professional organizations and frequently presents at national and regional mathematics conferences.

Betsy Farber, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Penn State University and a Master’s degree in mathematics from the College of New Jersey, has been an esteemed mathematics professor at Bucks County Community College since 1976. She focuses on making statistics engaging and relevant to her students through various teaching modes, including traditional classroom instruction, the use of technology like the TI-84 Plus and MINITAB, and distance learning. Farber’s contributions extend to authoring resources like The Student Edition of MINITAB and A Guide to MINITAB, showcasing her dedication to innovative and effective teaching practices.


Q: Can I purchase the test bank separately?

A: The test bank for Elementary Statistics Picturing The World 6th Edition By Larson is typically available for purchase separately from the textbook.

Q: Are there answer keys included in the test bank?

A: Yes, the test bank usually includes answer keys to help students verify their understanding and progress.

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A: To access Pearson’s My Lab & Mastering products, you may need to register with a Course ID provided by your instructor. Different versions tailored to specific schools may be available.


Elementary Statistics Picturing The World 6th Edition By Larson test bank offers a comprehensive resource for students and instructors seeking to delve into the world of statistics. With its user-friendly approach, practical examples, and emphasis on application, this resource equips learners with the tools to visualize and interpret data effectively. By leveraging technology and engaging pedagogy, Larson and Farber have created a valuable resource that bridges the gap between theory and real-world statistical analysis.

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