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Environmental geology, as explored in the 11th edition by Carla Montgomery, delves into the evolution of the Earth’s current state and offers insights into future environmental trends. This comprehensive textbook serves as a valuable resource for students looking to understand specific environmental issues and brainstorm solutions for a sustainable future. The ISBN numbers for this edition are ISBN-10: 0078022959 and ISBN-13: 978-0078022951.


1. What topics are covered in Environmental Geology by Carla Montgomery?
– The textbook covers a broad range of topics including the Earth’s geological processes, natural hazards, resource management, and environmental conservation.

2. Is this test bank suitable for students studying environmental science?
– Yes, this test bank is tailored for students studying environmental geology and related disciplines.

3. How can I access the test bank for Environmental Geology 11th Edition?
– The test bank may be available through academic institutions, online retailers, or directly from the publisher.

4. Are there practical exercises or case studies included in the textbook?
– Yes, the textbook may include practical exercises, case studies, and real-world examples to enhance learning and application of concepts.

5. Is Environmental Geology by Carla Montgomery a recommended resource for educators?
– Yes, educators may find this textbook beneficial for designing course curriculums and facilitating discussions on environmental geology topics.


Environmental Geology 11th Edition by Carla Montgomery offers a comprehensive overview of environmental geology, guiding students through the Earth’s geological processes and environmental challenges. With a focus on current issues and future trends, this textbook equips learners with the knowledge and analytical skills necessary to address environmental concerns and advocate for sustainable practices. Whether you are a student or educator in the field of environmental science, this textbook serves as a valuable resource for understanding and engaging with environmental geology concepts.

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