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Are you looking for a comprehensive test bank for “Essentials of Contemporary Management” 8th Edition by Jones? This test bank provides the most current insights into the world of management and administration practices, making the text relevant and engaging for students.


  • ISBN-10: 1259927652
  • ISBN-13: 978-1259927652

This eighth edition offers a fresh perspective on the changes happening in management and incorporates essential topics like diversity, sustainability, and globalization. It helps students connect theories and concepts to real-world scenarios, making learning more practical and applicable.

The book features various learning tools and exercises such as Building Leadership Skills, Managing Ethically, Small Group Breakout Exercises, and Be the Manager activities, enabling students to apply their knowledge to managerial challenges effectively.

Key Updates in This Edition:

  • New chapter opening Leadership Snapshot cases
  • Case in the News closing cases
  • Focus on contemporary management issues
  • Updated technology section reflecting current trends

About the Authors:

Jennifer George and Gareth Jones, both accomplished professors in management, bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to this book. Their research and insights into organizational behavior and strategic management are highly acclaimed in academic circles.

McGraw-Hill Tools:

The book is accompanied by McGraw-Hill’s practical learning tools, including Connect, LearnSmart, SmartBook, and more, designed to enhance the learning experience for both instructors and students.


1. How can I purchase the test bank for “Essentials of Contemporary Management” 8th Edition?

You can typically find the test bank for this edition through online academic resources or by contacting the publisher directly.

2. Are the exercises in the test bank aligned with the content of the book?

Yes, the test bank exercises are designed to complement the concepts and theories covered in the textbook, allowing students to apply their knowledge effectively.


“Essentials of Contemporary Management” 8th Edition offers a comprehensive insight into the dynamic field of management. With practical exercises, updated content, and valuable tools, this book serves as a valuable resource for both students and instructors alike.

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