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Are you looking to delve into the world of services marketing with clarity and depth? Look no further than the test bank for Essentials of Services Marketing 2nd Edition by Jochen Wirtz.

ISBN10: 9810686188

Simplify Learning for Students:

The content is presented in clear, easy language with concise sentences to help students grasp concepts swiftly. Full-colored learning cues, graphics, and diagrams are strategically incorporated to capture students’ attention and aid in visualizing complex ideas.

Enhance Student Understanding:

The “Know Your ESM” section offers quick review questions that aim to consolidate students’ comprehension of key chapter concepts.

Global Perspective:

With a focus on a global outlook, the text features a diverse range of familiar cases and examples from prominent regions worldwide, including 40% from America, 30% from Asia, and 30% from Europe.

Integrated Framework:

The revised framework offers a more cohesive structure with enhanced chapter integration, providing a comprehensive view of how various concepts align to form the bigger picture.

Support for Instructors:

Enhanced instructor supplements include:

  • Instructor’s Guide: Contains individual and group class activities along with chapter-specific teaching suggestions.
  • PowerPoint Slides: Feature example-based teaching with practical instances to illustrate chapter concepts.
  • Test Bank: Updated Test Bank compatible with Test Gen.
  • Video Bank: Corporate videos and commercials to bridge theory and application, accompanied by teaching notes and student engagement questions.
  • Case Bank: PDF format cases available for download as an Instructor Resource.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is this test bank suitable for college-level students?

Yes, the test bank is designed to cater to college students and is crafted in a way to simplify complex theories and concepts.

2. Can instructors find comprehensive teaching resources in addition to the test bank?

Absolutely! Instructors have access to a wealth of resources including an instructor’s guide, PowerPoint slides, video bank, and case bank to aid in lesson preparation and delivery.

3. Are the examples and cases in the book relevant globally?

Yes, the book offers a global perspective with examples from various regions worldwide, ensuring relevance and diversity in content.


Essentials of Services Marketing 2nd Edition by Jochen Wirtz offers a comprehensive learning experience for students and instructors alike. With a focus on clarity, global relevance, and enhanced teaching resources, this test bank equips individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in the field of services marketing.

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