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If you are a nursing student looking for additional study resources, the “Fundamental Nursing Care 2nd Edition Test Bank” by Roberta Pavy Ramont can be a valuable tool for you. This test bank provides a range of practice questions and answers that can help you prepare for exams and better understand the material covered in the textbook.

This Test Bank covers a wide range of topics related to fundamental nursing care, including the nature of nursing, clinical practice, psychosocial health, physiological health, health promotion in alternate care settings, and becoming a licensed nurse. With chapters dedicated to legal and ethical issues, critical thinking, health assessment, medication, and more, this Test Bank can assist you in mastering the essential concepts of nursing care.

ISBN-10: 0132244322
ISBN-13: 978-0132244329

Table of Contents:

Unit I — The Nature of Nursing
– Succeeding as a Nursing Student
– Promoting Culturally Proficient Care
– Legal and Ethical Issues of Nursing
– Critical Thinking and Nursing Theory/Models
– The LPN/LVN and the Nursing Process

Unit II — Introduction to Clinical Practice
– Documenting and Reporting
– Health Care Delivery Systems
– Safety
– Infection Control and Asepsis
– Admission, Transfer, and Discharge

Unit III — Promoting Psychosocial Health
– Life Span Development
– Client Communication
– Sensory Perception
– Self Concept
– Sexuality
– Stress and Coping
– Loss, Grieving, and Death

Unit IV — Promoting Physiological Health
– Introduction to the Body
– Health Assessment
– Vital Signs
– Pain: The Fifth Vital Sign
– Hygiene
– Skin, Integrity, and Wound Care
– Oxygenation
– Nutrition and Diet Therapy
– Fluids, Electrolytes, and Acid — Base Balance
– Urinary Elimination
– Gastrointestinal Elimination
– Medications
– IV Therapy
– Perioperative Nursing
– Activity, Rest, and Sleep
– Client Teaching

Unit V — Promoting Health in Alternate Care Settings
– Emergency Room and Urgent Care Nursing
– Nursing Care in Ambulatory Settings

Unit VI — Becoming a Licensed Nurse
– Leadership and Professional Development
– Preparing to take the Licensure Exam
– Finding that First Job

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By utilizing this Test Bank, you can enhance your learning experience, test your knowledge, and feel more confident when preparing for your nursing exams. Good luck with your studies!


**1. What is a test bank?**
A test bank is a collection of practice questions and answers designed to help students prepare for exams. It can be a valuable study resource for reinforcing key concepts and testing understanding of the course material.

**2. How can a test bank help me as a nursing student?**
A test bank can provide you with additional practice questions to test your knowledge and understanding of nursing concepts. It can be particularly useful in preparing for exams and quizzes throughout your nursing program.

**3. Is using a test bank cheating?**
No, using a test bank is not considered cheating as long as it is used as a study aid to test your understanding of the material. It is important to use test banks ethically and responsibly as a supplement to your learning.

**4. Are the questions in the test bank identical to those in the actual exams?**
While the questions in a test bank may not be the exact questions you will encounter on exams, they are designed to cover similar concepts and topics. Practicing with test banks can help you familiarize yourself with the types of questions you might see on exams.

**5. How can I access the test bank for Fundamental Nursing Care 2nd Edition by Roberta Pavy Ramont?**
You can typically access test banks through online platforms that specialize in educational resources. You may be able to purchase or download the test bank for this textbook from such platforms.


In conclusion, the “Fundamental Nursing Care 2nd Edition Test Bank” by Roberta Pavy Ramont offers a comprehensive set of practice questions and answers to support nursing students in their academic journey. By using this test bank, students can strengthen their understanding of fundamental nursing care concepts and better prepare for exams. It is a valuable resource to enhance learning and test knowledge effectively.

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