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Hospitality Facilities Management And Design is a comprehensive textbook written by David M. Stipanuk that focuses on the efficient management and design of facilities in the hospitality industry. The book takes a systematic approach to address various issues related to hospitality facilities, while also emphasizing practical areas within a property. Readers will gain insights into effective communication with hotel engineering personnel, the role of technology in streamlining facilities operations, and maintaining a balance between guest needs and environmental considerations.

The fourth edition of Hospitality Facilities Management And Design includes updated content on sustainable practices such as green buildings and LEED certification, tools for measuring sustainability efforts, workplace safety statistics, indoor air quality, energy-efficient lighting technologies like LEDs, adherence to the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, and guidelines for renovation costs.

Key Features:
– New content on green buildings, LEED certification, sustainability measurement tools, workplace safety, energy-efficient technologies, and renovation cost guidelines.
– Emphasis on effective communication with engineering personnel and leveraging technology for efficient facilities operations.
– Balancing guest satisfaction with environmental sustainability in the hospitality industry.
– Comprehensive coverage of practical areas within a property to ensure smooth operations.


Q: What topics are covered in Hospitality Facilities Management And Design?
A: The textbook covers a wide range of topics including green buildings, LEED certification, workplace safety, sustainable practices, energy-efficient technologies, renovation cost guidelines, and more.

Q: Who can benefit from reading this textbook?
A: Students and professionals in the hospitality industry, particularly those involved in facilities management, will find this book highly beneficial for gaining insights into effective management and design practices.

Q: How can I access the digital version of the book?
A: Upon ordering the digital version, you will receive an access code with guided information to help you get started. Once you create an account for the title, you can view and download the content through the app.

In conclusion, Hospitality Facilities Management And Design is a valuable resource for individuals looking to enhance their understanding of facilities management in the hospitality sector. With its updated content and practical insights, this textbook serves as a comprehensive guide for navigating the complexities of managing and designing hospitality facilities effectively.

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