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If you are a junior/senior undergraduate student or a first-year graduate student looking for a comprehensive resource in Operations Research, the 10th edition of “Operations Research: An Introduction” by Hamdy A. Taha is the ideal choice. This textbook is widely used in departments of Industrial Engineering, Business Administration, Statistics, Computer Science, and Mathematics. It covers the algorithmic and practical implementation of Operations Research methods, offering a blend of theory, applications, and computations to help students grasp the fundamentals of OR.

The Tenth Edition of the book retains classical algorithms while integrating essential hand computational algorithms to provide a historical perspective of Operations Research. Based on feedback from OR students, professors, and practitioners, the author has included real-world case studies that demonstrate the practical relevance of classical algorithms. These case studies, known as “Aha! Moments,” share stories, anecdotes, and insights into OR theory, applications, computations, and teaching methods, enhancing the understanding of key OR concepts.

Quick Overview of Contents:

  1. What Is Operations Research?
  2. Modeling with Linear Programming
  3. The Simplex Method and Sensitivity Analysis
  4. Duality and Post-Optimal Analysis
  5. Transportation Model and Its Variants
  6. Group Models
  7. Advanced Linear Programming
  8. Goal Programming
  9. Integer Linear Programming
  10. Heuristic and Constraint Programming
  11. Traveling Salesperson Problem (TSP)
  12. Deterministic Dynamic Programming
  13. Inventory Modeling (with Introduction to Supply Chains)
  14. Analysis of Major Likelihood
  15. Decision Analysis and Games
  16. Probabilistic Inventory Models
  17. Markov Chains
  18. Queuing Systems
  19. Simulation Modeling
  20. Classical Optimization Theory
  21. Nonlinear Programming Algorithms


Appendix A: Statistical Tables

Appendix B: Partial Solutions to Selected Problems

**ISBN-13:** 9780137526567

For a deeper dive into the field of Operations Research and its practical applications, this textbook serves as a valuable resource for both students and practitioners in the field.


1. Is this book suitable for undergraduate and graduate students?

Yes, this book is designed for junior/senior undergraduate students as well as first-year graduate students in various departments such as Industrial Engineering, Business Administration, Statistics, Computer Science, and Mathematics.

2. Does the book include practical examples and case studies?

Yes, the book includes real-world case studies known as “Aha! Moments” that demonstrate how classical algorithms can be applied in practice, providing a hands-on understanding of Operations Research concepts.

3. Are there solutions provided for selected problems in the book?

Yes, the book includes partial solutions to selected problems in Appendix B to aid students in their learning and understanding of the material.


“Operations Research: An Introduction 10th Edition” by Hamdy A. Taha offers a comprehensive and practical approach to understanding the fundamentals of Operations Research. With a blend of theory, applications, and computations, this textbook equips students with the necessary tools to tackle real-world OR problems. Whether you are a student or practitioner in the field, this book serves as a valuable resource for enhancing your knowledge and skills in Operations Research.

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