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If you’re a student or enthusiast of Organic Chemistry, the 7th edition of Marc Loudon and Jim Parise’s renowned book is a must-have resource. This edition, packed with over 1,800 problems sourced from scientific literature, is known for its clear writing, high accuracy standards, and innovative problem-solving approaches.

Universally used at prestigious institutions like UC Berkeley, Harvard, Yale, and more, this edition brings in modern medical examples and cutting-edge topics from synthetic organic chemistry to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

Key Details:

  • Book Title: Organic Chemistry, 7th edition Marc Loudon, Jim Parise
  • ISBN-10: 1319188427
  • ISBN-13: 978-1319188429

Online Learning Platform:

In addition to the printed book, students have access to Sapling Learning’s online homework platform for enhanced learning and assessment. With features like automatic grading, a user-friendly interface, and instructive feedback, the platform offers a seamless learning experience. Instructors can choose from a wide range of problem sets, including over 1,000 problems from Loudon, or customize and create new questions.

The platform allows students to draw structures, interactive elements, and even entire reaction mechanisms, complete with electron flow arrows, making it a comprehensive tool for practical learning.


1. Can I use this test bank for self-study?

While primarily designed for instructors to create assessments, students can benefit from practicing the problems for self-assessment and understanding of key concepts.

2. Are the problems in the test bank challenging?

The test bank includes a variety of problem sets, ranging from basic concepts to advanced topics, catering to students at different levels of proficiency.


The Organic Chemistry test bank by Loudon and Parise offers a comprehensive set of problems sourced from current scientific literature, making it an invaluable resource for students and instructors looking to enhance their understanding and teaching of organic chemistry concepts.

With the integration of online platforms like Sapling Learning, the learning experience is further enriched with interactive features and personalized feedback, fostering a deeper engagement with the subject matter.

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