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If you’re a student or a professional seeking to delve deep into the world of strategic management, the 8th edition of “Strategic Management Text And Cases” by McNamara is a must-have resource. This comprehensive test bank offers a wealth of information and insights into strategic management principles, real-world applications, and contemporary themes shaping the business landscape today.

Key Details:

  • Author: Dess, McNamara, and Eisner
  • Edition: 8th
  • ISBN-10: 9781259278211
  • ISBN-13: 978-1259278211

Book Overview:

The 8th edition of “Strategic Management: Text and Cases” maintains its reputation for providing a solid foundation in traditional strategic management concepts while also incorporating real-world examples and contemporary themes. The case package has been extensively revised to ensure relevance and engagement for readers. This edition focuses on globalization, technology, ethics, environmental sustainability, and entrepreneurship.

With a mix of familiar and new company cases, such as Campbell Soup, General Motors, Avon, Tata Starbucks, and Greenwood Resources, readers can explore a diverse range of strategic management scenarios. The inclusion of up-to-date financial data and videos further enhances the learning experience, making it a valuable resource for both instructors and students.


1. Who are the authors of the book?

The book is authored by Dess, McNamara, and Eisner.

2. What new features are included in the 8th edition?

The 8th edition features new company cases like Campbell Soup, General Motors, Avon, Tata Starbucks, and Greenwood Resources, along with revised cases of companies like Apple, eBay, JetBlue, Johnson & Johnson, and Zynga.

3. How can this book benefit students and professionals?

This book provides a comprehensive understanding of strategic management principles, their application in real-world scenarios, and insights into contemporary business themes, making it invaluable for both students and professionals looking to enhance their strategic management skills.


Investing in the “Strategic Management Text And Cases 8th Edition” by McNamara can be a game-changer for anyone looking to excel in the field of strategic management. With its updated content, diverse case studies, and focus on relevance and currency, this book is a valuable asset for gaining a deeper understanding of strategic management concepts.

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