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If you are a student or professional in the field of surgical technology, having access to comprehensive resources and study materials is essential for success. The “Surgical Technology Principles And Practice 5th Edition” by Joanna Kotcher provides a valuable test bank to aid in your learning and preparation. Let’s explore the key features and benefits of this edition:

– **ISBN-10:** 1416060359
– **ISBN-13:** 978-1416060352

This edition is designed to help you deliver the best patient care before, during, and after surgery. It offers straightforward information to guide you through each step of the surgical process. The student-friendly features include chapter outlines and summaries, review questions, technique boxes, and a vibrant full-color design to make complex material easier to understand.

**Key Features:**
1. Vibrant full-color design with bullets, numbering, and technique boxes for easy readability.
2. Easy-to-follow organization to build up knowledge progressively.
3. Procedures broken down into surgical goals, pathology, technique, and discussion for step-by-step learning.
4. New Skills DVD for hands-on demonstration of essential skills.
5. Chapter on Death and Dying for handling sensitive issues in the operating room.
6. Coverage of Biomedical and Computer Technology for understanding the latest technological advances.
7. Postoperative Recovery chapter for comprehensive patient care guidance.
8. Updated information on energy sources, minimally invasive surgery, diagnostic endoscopy, and robotics.
9. Aligned with the latest AST Core Curriculum guidelines to keep you updated.

**FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):**

**Q: Is this test bank suitable for students studying surgical technology courses?**
A: Yes, this test bank is specifically tailored for students studying surgical technology principles and practice.

**Q: Are the chapters organized in a student-friendly manner?**
A: Yes, the chapters are structured in an easy-to-follow format to enhance learning and understanding.

**Q: Does the book include practice questions for review?**
A: Yes, the book contains chapter review questions to strengthen understanding of key concepts.

The “Surgical Technology Principles And Practice 5th Edition” test bank by Joanna Kotcher is a valuable resource for students and professionals in the field of surgical technology. With comprehensive coverage of essential topics, updated information, and student-friendly features, this edition provides the necessary tools for success in practice. Whether you are a student preparing for exams or a practicing surgical technologist looking to enhance your knowledge, this test bank offers the support you need.

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