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If you are looking to expand your understanding of geriatric nursing, the “Basic Geriatric Nursing, 6th Edition” by Patricia A. is a valuable resource. This comprehensive textbook is designed to prepare nursing students for caring for elderly populations by providing up-to-date information on health care policies, aging theories, nursing interventions, and health promotion strategies. Part of the LPN/LVN Threads series, this book offers a wealth of learning opportunities for students to excel in their field.

Key Features of the Book:
– Complete coverage of key topics such as therapeutic communication, cultural considerations, evidence-based practice, elder abuse, ethical and legal issues in end-of-life care, and more.
– Updated discussion of demographic factors, economic influences, social and cultural aspects, and family influences on geriatric care.
– “Get Ready for the NCLEX Examination” sections at the end of each chapter with review questions to help students prepare for the licensing exam.
– Streamlined coverage of nutrition and fluid balance for a better understanding of essential topics.
– Integration of delegation, leadership, and management content throughout the book.
– Nursing Process sections provide a framework for discussing elderly patient care related to specific disorders.
– Nursing Care Plans with critical thinking questions to aid in care plan development and application in clinical scenarios.
– LPN/LVN Threads for easier learning, featuring key terms, chapter objectives, special features boxes, and full-color illustrations and design.
– Additional features like Complementary and Alternative Therapies boxes, Health Promotion boxes, Home Health Considerations boxes, Coordinated Care boxes, Clinical Situation boxes, and Critical Thinking boxes.

ISBN-10: 0323187749
ISBN-13: 978-0323187749

Whether you are a nursing student, a practicing nurse, or a healthcare professional working with the elderly, “Basic Geriatric Nursing, 6th Edition” is a valuable resource that will help you enhance your skills and knowledge in geriatric care.


1. Is this book suitable for nursing students?
Yes, this book is designed to prepare nursing students for caring for geriatric populations by providing comprehensive information on relevant topics.

2. Are there review questions included for exam preparation?
Yes, each chapter includes review questions to help students prepare for exams like the NCLEX Examination.

3. Are there practical scenarios included in the book?
Yes, the book includes real-world clinical scenarios that help students apply concepts to practice.

4. What are some unique features of this book?
Unique features include coverage of complementary and alternative therapies, health promotion strategies, home health considerations, coordinated care topics, clinical situations, and critical thinking exercises.


“Basic Geriatric Nursing, 6th Edition” by Patricia A. is a comprehensive and valuable resource for anyone involved in caring for geriatric populations. With its detailed coverage of key topics, practical scenarios, and interactive study guide, this book is a must-have for nursing students, practicing nurses, and healthcare professionals looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in geriatric care.

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