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Understanding Strategic Management, authored by Anthony E. Henry, is a comprehensive guide designed for students on one-semester courses seeking a practical and informative approach to strategy. The book is structured into four parts, starting with defining the concept of strategy and then delving into analysis, formulation, and implementation frameworks that help develop sustainable competitive advantages in the business world.

The book employs various tools to aid student learning, including chapter maps, learning objectives, Strategy in Focus boxes featuring real-world examples, and integrated Case Examples at the end of each chapter. These resources help students understand strategic management through diverse international and contemporary instances. Review and discussion questions further engage students in critical thinking and analysis of strategic concepts.

About the Author

Anthony E. Henry brings a wealth of practical experience to his writing, having worked as a Market Analyst for HSBC and Arthur Andersen. He has also taught strategy in the UK and Germany, analyzing global markets and industry dynamics. Henry’s background in both academia and industry enriches his teaching style, providing students with insights into the real-world application of strategic management concepts.

For students looking to delve deeper into the subject, online extension materials complement the book, offering further insights into specific topics, while the Working through Strategy resources provide hands-on practice for essential strategic analysis techniques.


1. What makes Understanding Strategic Management 3rd Edition unique?

The book offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights, using real-world examples to illustrate strategic concepts effectively.

2. How can students benefit from the online resources accompanying the book?

The online resources provide additional materials to extend learning, and the Working through Strategy exercises offer practical application of strategic analysis techniques.

3. Is this book suitable for both undergraduate and MBA students?

Yes, Understanding Strategic Management is designed to cater to the needs of both undergraduate and MBA students seeking a comprehensive understanding of strategic management.


Understanding Strategic Management by Anthony E. Henry offers a practical and informative approach to learning about strategy. With a focus on real-world examples, comprehensive frameworks, and interactive resources, the book equips students with the tools they need to develop a deep understanding of strategic management concepts and their practical applications in the business world.

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