Priorities in Critical Care Nursing, 8th Edition Linda D. Urden


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Critical care nursing is a specialized field that requires nurses to have advanced knowledge and skills to care for patients in high acuity, progressive, and critical care settings. One valuable resource for both practicing nurses and those preparing for CCRN® certification is the 8th edition of “Priorities in Critical Care Nursing” by Linda D. Urden.

This evidence-based textbook covers essential topics in critical care nursing such as medications, patient safety, patient education, problem identification, and interprofessional collaborative management. It emphasizes the integration of critical care technology with the physiological needs and psychosocial concerns of patients and their families to deliver high-quality care.

Key features of the 8th edition include:
– Updated evidence-based content reflecting the latest research and guidelines.
– Enhanced multimedia resources including links to sample technology and 3D animations.
– Focus on interprofessional patient care to promote effective teamwork.
– Integration of IPEC® Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice.
– Case studies aligned with QSEN competencies and post-ICU outcomes.
– Additional content on sepsis guidelines and concise, user-friendly boxes for easy reference.

By utilizing this comprehensive textbook, nurses can stay informed about current best practices in critical care nursing and enhance their ability to provide optimal patient care in complex healthcare environments.


1. What is the ISBN-10 of “Priorities in Critical Care Nursing, 8th Edition”?
The ISBN-10 of the book is 0323531997.

2. What topics are covered in the book?
The book covers a wide range of topics including medications, patient safety, patient education, problem identification, interprofessional collaborative management, and more.

3. Are there any additional resources provided in the book?
Yes, the book includes case studies, concept maps, collaborative management boxes, patient education boxes, priority treatment boxes, and cultural competency boxes to aid in learning.

4. How can the book help nurses in critical care settings?
The book helps nurses prioritize patient care, integrate technology with patient needs, and improve their interprofessional communication and teamwork skills.


“Priorities in Critical Care Nursing, 8th Edition” is a valuable resource for nurses seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in critical care nursing. With updated content, multimedia resources, and a focus on interprofessional collaboration, this textbook equips nurses with the tools they need to provide excellent care in high-acuity environments. By leveraging the information and strategies presented in this book, nurses can improve patient outcomes and contribute to the delivery of quality care in critical care settings.

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