Pharmacological Aspects of Nursing Care 8Th Ed By Broyles Reiss Evans – Test Bank


Pharmacological Aspects of Nursing Care, 8th Edition, authored by Broyles Reiss Evans, is a valuable Test Bank that serves as a comprehensive resource for understanding the medications commonly used in patient care settings. With an updated and user-friendly approach, this book covers a wide range of drug classifications based on clinical use and the body systems they target. It incorporates specific nursing practices and protocols to provide a holistic view of pharmacology in nursing care.

ISBN-13: 9781435489202
ISBN-10: 1435489209

The book begins with an introduction to drugs and drug administration, detailing factors that influence drug action and the methods of drug administration. It then progresses through various drug classifications, such as agents that interfere with microbial growth, control pain and inflammation, treat respiratory and cardiovascular health alterations, address nutrition imbalances, manage gastrointestinal and neurological health alterations, and much more.

Highlighted Features of the 8th Edition:
– Easy-to-read writing style
– Logical organization of content
– Advanced critical thinking features
– Integration with Study WARE™ online resources
– Coordination with an expanded supplement package for enhanced understanding of the material

Whether you are a nursing student, educator, or practitioner, Pharmacological Aspects of Nursing Care 8th Edition offers valuable insights into the world of pharmacology as it relates to nursing practice. Stay updated with the latest information and best practices in medication administration with this trusted resource.


Q1: Is this Test Bank suitable for nursing students?
A1: Yes, the Test Bank for Pharmacological Aspects of Nursing Care 8th Edition is an ideal resource for nursing students looking to enhance their understanding of pharmacology in patient care settings.

Q2: How can I access the Study WARE™ online resources?
A2: The Study WARE™ online resources can be accessed through the accompanying supplement package that comes with the book.

Q3: Are there practice questions available in the Test Bank?
A3: Yes, the Test Bank includes practice questions that can help reinforce your knowledge and understanding of pharmacological aspects of nursing care.


In conclusion, Pharmacological Aspects of Nursing Care 8th Edition by Broyles Reiss Evans is a comprehensive Test Bank that offers valuable insights into the world of pharmacology in nursing practice. With its updated content, user-friendly approach, and integrated resources, this book is a must-have for nursing students and professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge of medication administration and patient care.

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